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Our forte is in 'payment solutions'.

We offer a variety of payment acceptance products. Which one is right for you?

It really depends on many factors including potential risk associated with fraud, risk of chargebacks, environmental conditions (where you accept payments) and more. Unless you've already consulted with a professional or have done a lot of research, we recommend an independent consultation before buying any POS hardware. There are many companies selling terminals to get you "EMV Ready", but that's not the same as getting the terminal and merchant account EMV enabled.

Our POS Solutions fall into 3 categories:

  1. Equipment designed specifically for credit card processing, "terminals".
  2. Hosted payment solutions.
  3. POS Software that installs on a computer and integrates with other peripherals- the payments are segregated from the POS application.

Equipment sales is not our core business. Solutions are. We procure hardware for merchants at wholesale prices as needed, however, merchants can always source equipment from any provider.

Credit card processing equipment:

CenPOS supported terminals 2015

Due to rapid market changes, this page may get outdated, however, we always offer the latest PCI compliant hardware. Last update, November 2015.

US EMV certified terminals 2015: Verifone MX915, Ingenico iSC250

Other Terminals: Hypercom Equinox L5200 (EMV pending), Magtek USB card reader (21073062), Magnetic Card Swipe reader.

Check Scanners: RDM EC7000/EC7000i, Epson TS1000

Mobile Device Readers: UniMag Mobile Card Reader, UniMag Pro Mobile Card Reader, iMag Pro Mobile Card Reader, and iMag Mobile Card Reader, Shuttle Mobile MagStripe Reader, Linea Pro Reader


Signature Capture Terminals (2015)

Verifone MX 915 signature capture terminal; CenPOS US EMV certified terminal with P2PE. NFC ApplePay and Google Wallet also accepted.

ingenico isc 250 Ingenico 250 signature capture terminal. CenPOS US EMV certified terminal with P2PE. CenPOS supported; see Ingenico for product details, or click link to download pdf brochure. (Not to be confused with the The Ingenico Telium iCT250, a pinpad that can accept payment via EMV chip card, NFC-enabled mobile phone, contactless card, or traditional magstripe card.)

Read a Ingenico vs Equinox signature capture terminals review here.

All of the above are compatible with CenPOS.

These terminals work with CenPOS, but are end of life or will not meet merchant needs for EMV and NFC (ApplePay): Ingenico ISC 350, Hypercom Equinox L5300,Hypercom Optimum L4250,Verifone Pin Pad 1000se, Magtek USB card reader (21040108), Ingenico i6550 signature capture terminal, Ingenico i6580 signature capture terminal

Mobile Payments

Multiple options available. Call for the latest and most appropriate solution. iPhone users prefer the iMag reader which attaches to the bottom of the phone.

IDTech Shuttle, Two-Track Mobile MagStripe Reader- works with various Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices. The Shuttle connects to devices through the headphone jack and has a unique design to fasten securely to mobile devices.

IDTech iMag Pro, Mobile MagStripe Reader- The iMag Pro is an encrypted MagStripe reader for all Apple mobile devices. Accept credit card transactions everywhere you go using your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, and iPod touch. BEST RECOMMENDED.

IDTech UniMag II, Two-Track Mobile MagStripe Reader- The UniMag II is a two-track, encrypted MagStripe reader that works with various Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices. The UniMag II connects to devices through the headphone jack.

Mobile End to End encryption, or P2P encryption, is offered with these Magtek devices:

iDynamo and uDynamo

All P2P devices require an encryption injection at an approved facility.

Hosted payment solutions

CenPOS Use any approved card reader or signature capture terminal for card present. Integrated virtual terminal included at no additional charge.

Payment Gateways with virtual terminal: Authorize.net, Orbital (available with Paymentech only), CenPOS, Paymover. There are vast differences between gateways. Call for a consultation.

Credit card processing software

CenPOS can be used standalone or integrated.

OpenBravo Commerce Platform & OpenBravo ERP: Agile cloud retail solution with integrated PCI compliant CenPOS payment gateway. Scalable multi-location, omnichannel business software. Accept payments anywhere. Contact us for details.

PC Charge - end of life, end of support now. Due to current technology and security needs, merchants need to switch to a payment gateway.

ICVerify - - end of life now, product support until 2016.

Payware mobile is end of life; CenPOS recommended as alternative with no additional fees or per user fees

Cenpos- the most robust solution, and the number one choice of merchants. This is not software, but instead is software as a service (SaaS)- see hosted solution above.



End to End encryption: Magtek MagneSafe IntelliHead: MagneSafe INTHD USB, P/N 21030062. All P2P devices require an encryption injection at an approved facility.

Desktop terminals

Desktop terminals have been removed from product listings. Cloud paymnt gateways elminate the need for desktop terminals in most cases.

Credit Card Readers : These devices attach to a computer via USB. Also called a Wedge.

End to End encryption, or P2P encryption, is offered with these Magtek devices:

  • Magtek DYNAMAG P/N 21073062
  • Magtek SLIMSEAL HEAD RIGHT P/N 21063020
  • Additional Magtek models supported provided must support keyborad emulation. All P2P devices require an encryption injection at an approved facility.

Wireless terminals

Wireless terminals have been removed from product listings. Cloud paymnt gatewayswith mobile apps elminate the need for expensive wireless terminals and wireless air fees.