Do you sell merchant services and want to make more money? The easiest way to grow your book is to sell more to the same customer!

Referral Partner rewards for add-on merchant services

Our universal payment processing platform is compatible with major credit card and check processors. It's a technology solution with an intelligent switch that makes credit cards, checks, and alternative payments work better. It is NOT credit card processing. It's ideal for mid and large size businesses with a large volume of payment transactions, or any B2B business.



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At first blush, some agents might say, "Oh, it's a gateway like" That's a great starting point. Now ramp up to something imagined 10 years from now, and that's where we are today.

What's in it for your customers? Merchants mitigate fraud risk, improve reporting capabilities (HUGELY important), and manage processing costs. Each vertical market has unique significant benefits and there are so many, it's important to know your customer to focus only on their unique needs. All payment types (check, credit, debit, NFC ApplePay, Samsung Pay etc) and sources ( mobile, retail, web, ecommerce) can be integrated to the platform. These are some of our customer favorite reasons:

What's in it for referral partners? The attrition rate for our technology users is practically zero. The average merchant changes processors every 18 months but with our technology, the attrition rate is reduced by 50% or more.

Can I use with my existing merchants? Absolutely! The program is designed for independent contractors of other ISO's.

What types of accounts are best? Focus on companies with a minimum of $1M in processing or 1,000 transactions a month. It is strongly recommended you focus on ONLY ONE vertical market, or at most two.

What types of accounts should I avoid? We suggest you avoid these not because the opportunity isn't there, but because the other options have a shorter sales cycle with minimal effort..

95% of qualified merchants presented a webex demo will order the service within 30 days. Risk Free trials are available.

Is it easy to use? Yes, for the merchant, the customer and accounting. It's DIFFERENT but it's like going from the days of 14k modem to high speed Internet. You'll never want to go back.

Who are your competitors? None. Time and time again, when the facts are revealed, other products simply do not compare to our patented technology.

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3D Merchant Services is the online brand created by authorized CenPOS reseller Christine Speedy to communicate a wide array of payment processing information to merchants and to develop business leads.