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xd1000 pos terminal

XD1000 Countertop POS terminal

xd1000 wireless credit card terminal

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The XD1000 is a next generation countertop credit card processing terminal.


Leveraging the latest in advanced technology, ExaDigm has created the industry's most cost-effective, full function, countertop point-of-sale terminal with the release of the XD1000 Countertop Solution. Built as an IP terminal from the ground up, its unique modular design allows for a range of flexible communication options, including IP, Dial, WiFi, Cellular and Bluetooth capabilities, resulting in the most choices of any countertop terminal today. Featuring unparalleled speed, reliability, security and ease of use, the XD1000 delivers merchants an advanced, cost competitive countertop solution customizable to their business needs.

Incorporating ExaDigm's renowned PC-based Linux operating system, the XD1000 offers true IP connectivity, easy software upgrades and simple configuration to adapt to next generation technologies resulting in a much lower cost of ownership. Created from true innovation, the XD1000 is the perfect balance between cost, technology, and performance resulting in a solution that is changing the face of countertop point-of-sale.

Interchangeable Modems.
Delivering the most connectivity choices in a Countertop Solution, the interchangeable modems for the XD1000 enable a wired terminal to go wireless virtually instantly.
CM100 Contactless Module.
Incorporating a fully certified RFID reader, the CM100 Contactless Module seamlessly integrates with the XD1000 enabling acceptance of contactless payments while eliminating the need to attach a bulky after-market RFID unit.
Smart Card Reader.
The XD1000 has the option of integrating a Smart Card Reader into the front of the terminal at the time of factory configuration. Supporting ISO14443 Type A and B and up to 4 SAMs, the Smart Card Reader is EMV Level 1 compliant.

  • Innovative countertop design delivering unparalleled performance, reliability, security, ease of use and return on investment.
  • PC-based architecture offering the highest degree of flexibility and upgradeability ensuring a significantly lower cost of ownership.
  • Linux operating system allowing for fast, affordable software and application changes, updates and customization.
  • PC style components, such as host-based USB and Serial Ports, allow for easy integration of peripherals and other hardware devices with little or no software changes.
  • Superior terminal security supporting up to 1024-bit SSL encryption at the time of card swipe eliminating the need for 3rd party processing of transactions.
  • CISP PABP validated payment application providing the maximum level of protection and security for cardholder information.
  • Flexible communication options featuring Ethernet and dial as standard, with optional wireless connectivity through two industry-first technologies - a Removable WiFi Modem, and detachable CDMA or GSM Cellular Modem Modules.
  • Integrated RFID reader eliminating the need to attach a bulky external RFID unit in order to accept contactless payments.


  The specifications for the XD1000 listed below are subject to change without any prior notice. Please contact your sales representative for a detailed product description. For more details and a brochure, please visit the Exadigm web site for XD1000.  
Height:   3.65" (9.3cm)
Width:   8.2" (20.4cm)
Thickness:   4.45" (11.3cm)
Weight:   1.35 lb (0.6123497 kg)
132 x 64 pixel graphical LCD with back lighting
Up to 8 lines x 21 characters and graphics with 16 shades of gray
Time and date indicator
32° F to 104° F (0° C - 40° C)
90% maximum relative humidity
 Keypad   3x4 numeric keypad with 4 soft function keys
 Magnetic Card Reader  
Bidirectional high and low coercivity swipe reader
Reads ISO track 1 and 2
3 track reader (optional)
8MB Flash ROM expandable to 32MB
16MB SDRAM expandable to 64MB
Dial: Global Fast Connect 56K V.92 Modem asynchronous/synchronous
Ethernet: 10 MPS integrated Ethernet port
WiFi: Removable 802.11b/g Local Area Wireless
Cellular: CDMA/1XRTT or GSM/GPRS
 Peripheral Ports   3 RS-232 ports for peripherals including external PIN pads and check readers
Integrated graphic thermal printer, 57mm large capacity paper roll capacity
12 lines per second, 24 or 32 columns
Multi-language font capability that can be scaled double-high, double wide, or double-high and double wide
 Processor   32 bit ARM 7 RISC microprocessor
 RFID Reader  
Detachable module with an integrated certified RFID reader
Dedicated port for optional WiFi Modem
128-bit, 256-bit, 512-bit, 1024-bit and higher SSL encryption support
VISA CISP PABP validated payment applications